Super Smash Bros.
Fight with your favorite video game characters.
Earthworm Jim
Fly a rocket through a worm hole (get it?) while avoiding space debree.
You're not stranded on a planet with monsters... the monsters are stranded on an planet with you!
Super Mario World
Advanced through the all the levels of the mushroom kingdom to save Princess Peach from your nemesis, Bowser.
You were born to be a Pokémon master. See if you got what it takes to battle your way to the top, or just try to collect all of the Pokémon!
Play as the hero, Link, as you hack and slash your way through hyrule kingdom to save Zelda.
Donkey Kong Country
Donkey Kong woke up one morning to find that his banana horde was stolen. It's gator stompin' time!
Sonic The Hedgehog
Run fast. Collect rings... SEGA!
Dig Dug
Pump dinosaurs full of air, or just drop a rock on their heads. Man, you are just cruel.
"We make a good fit," said one block to another.
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Game Title
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